Improved Data Discovery

No matter how well you interlink your articles, you will always end up with web sites with static data layout. Finding useful information boils down to the discovery of the actual locations of the desired data items at the particular web site. However, there are a number of inherent limitations to the current web technologies that make the realization of efficient data discovery a hard-to-tackle problem. One issue with the current information discovery model is that you do not know that the data you are looking for exists at the given web site until you actually find it. Without the use of external tools and services, the discovery of data is therefore an act of chance, random and inefficient. External search engines, onsite searches, elaborate menu schemes, and tag clouds are just a few of the current methods used to tackle this problem. These methods rely on navigating the reader to the desired data.

We decided to reverses the current discovery model with Recmnd. Our services allow your web site to start offering proactive recommendations to the readers. Your web site becomes capable of showing content relevant to the currently viewed items in real-time. This means that your data starts finding your readers. You can use the same static structure; however, the Recmnd widget is in reality an intelligent menu, generated on the fly, which you can associate with any of your data items. Using Recmnd, you introduce tools for guided data discovery, and chance is no longer the only assistant of your readers in their quest for information. At the very moment an item of interest is found by a reader, Recmnd offers additional readings on the subject from your data pool.