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Promote content efficiently by placing it into its correct perspective
and enjoy a future web service today.

Start showing real-time recommendations in minutes.


Create an account and upload your initial data. The XML structure is shown here. The format of your data will be validated automatically upon the completion of the upload.


Once you have uploaded your data, you can configure your service. You have full control over many service variables ranging from the number of displayed recommendations to the style of the widget serving them.


Place the Recmnd widget at your website pages to start serving real-time recommendations to your users immediately.

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What people say?

Many people talk about itAs soon as we started using the Recmnd service our daily page views increased by more than 10%. Now it is much easier for our readers to find publications on each topic without any extra effort. The quality of the recommended related articles is surprisingly good and this allows for a broader review of any given subject and saves a lot of time.

Svetla Kostadinova, Executive Director
Institute for Market Economics (IME)


Increased Page Views

Improve your site stickiness by allowing the published content to find its readers on its own. Make sure that your readers receive content relevant to their interests without having to search for it.

Configure Suggested Results

You have complete control over the recommendations at the Recmnd Account interface. You control the number and type of returned items. You determine the time proximity to the viewed data of the served recommendations. To make things even easier we have designed a simple API through which you can automate the insertion of new items and the modification or removal of any existing ones.

Amazing Accuracy of Results

The Recmnd engine employs self-taught learning mechanisms. It is an expert in all fields, and unlike humans, it does not change its recommendation policies indiscriminately. It is capable of recommending items on any subject. It can recommend items written in any language using a writing system which is not based on logograms.

Easy Integration, No Coding

The integration of the recommendations at your web site could not be simpler. Place the customizable widget at your pages and your visitors will start receiving real-time recommendations based on content relevance immediately.

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