WordPress plugin upgrade (version 1.0)

Feb 9, 2011

The widget integration just became even easier.

You no longer have to insert the Recmnd widget manually at your WordPress posts. The latest version of the Recmnd plugin has an "auto-insert" feature which is enabled by default. It inserts the widget at your pages automatically and the recommendations are shown directly below the post text. This functionality is not affected by template modifications or by changes of the applied themes.

If you want the widget displayed at another position at your pages, you can opt for the manual insertion option. All you have to do is disable the automated insertion option from your WordPress Recmnd Configuration page and follow the insertion guide at the Widget section of your Recmnd Account.

Recmnd - configure plugin v 1.0

You can download the new version of the Recmnd plugin from the WordPress Plugins Directory:

More upgrades are coming soon. We are on the verge of automating the insertion of your old posts without the need for generating bulk insert files. As soon as this upgrade is rolled out, Recmnd will be become capable of analyzing and serving recommendations for all your already published posts, without any interaction from your end. Keep checking this news section or your Recmnd Account interface for updates.

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