Recmnd Wordpress Plugin

Feb 1, 2011

Even though the integration of Recmnd is very simple we have decided to make life even easier for all bloggers using WordPress installations.

We have developed a Recmnd plugin which you can install at a live blog. It takes care of all updates, deletions, and insertions of new content at your blog. All Recmnd API calls are integrated directly within the default administrative functionality of the WordPress application. Your posts will be updated at the Recmnd system as soon as you update them at your blog. New content will appear at your recommendations pool as soon as you publish it; and deleted articles will be removed from the Recmnd system immediately.

The installation process is dead simple, it will take you no more than a couple of minutes to have it installed and configured, and your website will start showing the recommendations we generate for your content.

Here's a step-by-step guide how you can have Recmnd up and running on your WordPress blog:

1. Download the plugin from

2. Upload the plugin ZIP archive to the /wp-content/plugins directory on your WordPress website. You can do this directly from the Plugins section in your WordPress administration (WP Admin -> Plugins -> Add New -> Upload).

3. The plugin will be uploaded and installed on the server as soon as you click on the "Upload" button.

4. You can complete the installation by clicking on the "Activate Plugin" link, this will activate the Recmnd plugin:

5. You now need to configure the plugin, please follow the "enter your API key" link (or use the new "Recmnd" link from the WP admin -> Plugins section) to open the Recmnd WP plugin configuration page.

Recmnd - configure plugin

6. Enter the API hostname, key and secret parameters as displayed in the "Account Details" from the "Settings" section from your Recmnd account ( and confirm the configuration of the plugin by clicking on the "Save Settings" button.

7. Use the "Automatic Recmnd Initialization" link at the bottom of the Recmnd configuration page to have your recommendation engine prepared. Your content will be analyzed immediately and your personal recommendation engine will be launched.

8. The last step would be to add the Recmnd widget to your blog pages. You can easily do this via the Theme Editor section in your WordPress admin (Appearance -> Editor). You need to select the "Single Post" (single.php) template file for your blog theme, and insert the following code snippet in the exact place where you want your recommendations to appear (probably you would like to have the widget displayed right underneath the text of the blog post):

<!-- Start recmnd -->
<!--?php recmnd_body() ?-->
<!-- End recmnd -->

9. Save the changes to the "Single Post" template, and that's it - you are ready to serve dynamic content recommendations on your WordPress website.

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